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CCE's Oral History Project video for CCE 40th

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CCE's Oral History Project Video for

CCE 40th

This year the Council for Court Excellence is proud to be celebrating the 40th Anniversary of our founding in 1982. As part of this year’s special anniversary activities, we are establishing the CCE Oral History Project. This site is an easy way for you to self-record a video in which you can introduce yourself and tell a brief story about a particular CCE project in which you were actively involved. You can choose to share your story in whatever way you like; we want to each video to reflect you and your passion, humor, pride, etc. Refer to your invitation email or letter for details about time limits, what to include, and sample prompts to help you before you record. Thank you for participating and being part of our first 40 years!

Submissions are due:

Soon! Now is your last chance.

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Please RSVP and let CCE know you'll participate.

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