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Hi, you're invited! 👋 We're asking Mrs. Kennon's Breck family to submit short video and audio messages wishing her some well-deserved recognition. Submissions are brought together into one beautiful video gift, and it will be presented to Mrs. Kennon as a surprise. Please RSVP if you plan on participating, or submit now if you're ready! It'll take less than a minute to do :-) Hope to see you at the special Breck chapel and reception on Monday April 15th. Thank you! p.s.: if you're recording a video, horizontal is best!

Ideas For Your Message

💡 Share what you appreciate most about Marion Jones Kennon.

💡 Share your favorite memory of Marion Jones Kennon.

💡 Share how your life has been impacted by Marion Jones Kennon.

Submissions are due:

Submissions close today — submit now.

Not ready yet?

Please RSVP and we'll let Anna know you plan on participating.

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